Our Projects

Our network is a strategic convergence of agencies, charities, foundations & ministries. Our mutual support enables us to all further our goals.

Missionary Projects

Alan Woodroffe Ministries

Alan travels 4-5 months a year, teaching and ministering internationally in Bible schools and churches. Alan Woodroffe, in…

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Alivio International

Alivio is a faith based organization working with indigenious peoples, predominately in the Guadalajara region of Mexico. We…

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Hannah’s School of Hope

Construction will soon begin on a new school in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Construction will soon begin on…

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QAN Network

At QAN Network we are committed to elevate the dignity and life purpose for every person we encounter….

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Rob and Camille Parkman Ministries

Partner with Rob and Camille Parkman to help churches, leaders and the next generation to THRIVE! You are…

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Willing Servant Ministries

Many people in the Dominican Republic cannot afford medical care or medicine. The purpose of this project is…

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