Tear Fund

Garret Robert Jahnke (January 1, 1979 – May 23, 2023)

Our big family is grieving. It is with profound sadness that Bridges of Hope, together with the Jahnke family, announces the sudden passing of Garret Jahnke, son to Charles and Darlene, brother to Jason, devoted husband to Lydia, loving father to seven beautiful children, and missionary to the people of Kitwe, Zambia for 19 years. Garret was an ambassador for our network, a project manager and a long-distance runner in the struggle for a better opportunity for all.

Charles and Darlene are preparing to go to Zambia to be with Lydia and their grandchildren to prepare for Garret’s funeral and be with them as they walk through this time of profound loss and grief. Financially, this is a major ordeal as we envisage what it would take to care for the children, who are all minors.

Please consider your contribution toward helping as you are able. We are humbled to stand with his family and be involved in providing a way for people to support them at this time. We are mindful of the emotional well-being of the grieving family during this process.

Donations to the Tear Fund are tax receiptable, and any extra funds will help with the financial burden and provide compassionate care and assistance for Garret’s surviving family, including his wife Lydia and their minor children, who are in shock at this time. There is an African saying: “A single straw of a broom can be broken easily, but the straws together are not easily broken.” We are all connected. Even death shall be overcome someday.

Thank you for your support!