QAN Network

At QAN Network we are committed to elevate the dignity and life purpose for every person we encounter.

We do this through leadership development, mentoring, personal development, youth camps and more.  

Commitment for us means we intentionally connect the right people in order to help elevate those in need. Our privileged areas to work in are: Quebec, Africa and Nunavik. Connecting is working. Will you help keep good things going?

Our Projects:

– Inuit youth outreach and camp sponsorships. 

Pre Covid and Post Covid we continue to reach out to Inuit youth among the highest in Canada; living without fathers,  dealing with shame from sexual abuse resulting in attemps or successful suicides.

– Economic development through micro business in Burkina Faso where we identify natural entrepreneurs who are presently working as volunteers reaching children and youth.  In the year ahead we have chosen to fund a new rental business, assisting a local entrepreneur in build his rental inventory, enabling him to care for his family and fund his ministry calling to children in Burkina Faso.