About Us

Bridges of Hope is a non-profit organization with a mandate to dramatically drive systemic change in education, youth development, public health, economic development and other levers of opportunity that address community needs and improve the lives of people everywhere. 

  • We believe connections shape the world and the people who make it.
  • We believe that all people can fulfill their potential and prosper, become engaged citizens in peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, and thrive in a healthy, sustainable world
  • We work with people and organizations who share this conviction and are committed to tangible outcomes that positively shape the world around us.
  • Invest in people to increase resilience & reduce vulnerability to poverty.
  • Our strategy consists in building the human, personal, social, financial, and physical assets of people to become sustainable and reproducing agents who transition from beneficiaries to benefactors.
  • We recognize that relief in-and-of-itself cannot eradicate world poverty. When business thrives, the need for relief is greatly diminished. Therefore, Bridges of Hope puts a high premium on capital creation to help vulnerable communities use business to combat poverty.
  • Through partnering with local people, we focus on activities that decrease vulnerability and improve people’s quality of life, inspiring all people to become global citizens engaged in sustainable development.
  • We extend the reach of our agents through collaboration, leadership development, information sharing, training and coordination, and represent their mutual interests when dealing with governments and others.
  • Our network is a strategic convergence of agencies, charities, foundations, and ministries. Our mutual support enables us all to further our goals, working locally and globally to advance sustainable development and global citizenship. 

Mission: Bridges of Hope exists to promote Poverty Relief and Community Empowerment amongst the poorest nations of the earth.

Vision: To enhance the capability and productivity of indigenous organizations, leadership, and people who are committed to Poverty Relief and Community Empowerment.

Dream: To see indigenous organizations, leadership and people become excellent at reproducing their ability to promote Poverty Relief and Community Empowerment into other impoverished contexts.

Guiding Principles


  • We promote the dignity, potential and health of people and communities regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, and creed.
  • We emphasize shared responsibility
  • We provide our staff and volunteers with liberal access to the tools they need to get the job done


  • We listen to our partners and allow their voices to influence the strategic ends, planning and execution processes of our organization
  • We are committed to boundary our agendas and contributions in a manner that honours the wishes of the context we are working in. As such we employ the discipline of asking both for permission to contribute and for approval of the form of our gifts.
  • We relate to indigenous people without condescension
  • We are motivated by the Christian principle of compassion, love, justice and mercy and we do not tolerate any negative treatment of people belonging to other faiths.

Capacity building

  • We invest in the growth of leaders, staff and volunteers who influence the development of organizations, communities and individuals.
  • We pay devoted attention to process (how we do what it is that we do) as well as objectives and results
  • We build cooperative relationships with organizations and leaders who promote similar strategic ends.

The organization is financed from donations, grants and fees for services provided to individuals, foundations or companies. Our expected outcomes are to deliver an average returns of $7 for every $1 donated, compared with the overall average returns at $1 to $2.