Alivio International

Alivio is a faith based organization working with indigenious peoples, predominately in the Guadalajara region of Mexico.

We have been providing school supplies and clothing, holding medical clinics, providing health education and girls hygiene kits, transporting disabled children to therapy centers, and finding clean water solutions for many years. 

Becca has a sewing co-op in one of the villages to the East of Chapala, providing a source of income to the women who participate. In normal times, the co-op produces reusable menstrual pads. The pads are sold to those who can afford them and donated to girls in local schools. You can learn more about the pads at

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bela Femenina sewing co-op is producing high-quality reusable face masks. We are also working on Emergency Food Relief to provide basic supplies to families who are suffering among widespread unemployment caused by the government ordered shutdowns. Please consider donating monthly or one time, to help us empower the disadvantaged in Jalisco. 

Always, in everything we do, we seek to share the love of God in Christ to all those we meet. Your support is greatly appreciated! Alan & Becca

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