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When you sponsor a child, you give them, and their community, the foundation to build a better life. Together, with our sponsors, we work with families and community leaders to ensure your gift creates lasting impact.

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How Your Gift Changes Lives

Providing food and water is just the beginning. Through sponsorship, you’re helping communities break the cycle of poverty and move forward into sustenance and freedom.

From the ground up, your gift grows into:

Safe Water

Access to safe drinking water frees communities by quenching thirst, increasing hygiene and eliminating long commutes to distant wells.

Healthy Food

Locally-grown food from farmers is ethically distributed throughout childrens’ communities.


Modern western medicine, along with education on proper sanitary and health practices, safeguards families.


Schools empower every student to rise up and break the cycle of poverty.


Local leaders are connected with people and agencies to guide their community forward into an abundant future.

Economic Development

Through microloans and mentorship, community members are able to bridge the gap between their dreams and reality.

How Sponsorship Works


Sponsor one of the children in our database by committing to give monthly. This donation is pooled with others to fund holistic support for that child’s community.


When you sponsor a child, you will receive a welcome gift with information about your child and about the community they live in. You will also have the ability to write to your child and connect directly with them.


As you continue to support your child, you will get yearly updates as they grow and find their voice and power to build into their community.


How much is sponsorship?

For just $40 a month, you can not only help a child grow up healthier, but you will also help to support their entire community. This tax-deductible gift raises the quality of life for your child (and the community they’re growing up in) through safe water, food, education, mentorship and more.

Does my sponsorship contribution go directly to the child?

No, it does not. Instead, your sponsorship donation is used to lift up the community where your sponsored child is raised. This way, it creates a bigger impact on both your child and their family.

How much of my contribution will reach my child’s community?

We work hard to make sure as much money as possible makes it to the sponsored child’s community. That means we send over 80% of your donation to our sponsored communities. The other 20% goes to administrative needs here in Canada and in Africa.

How are children chosen for the program?

We work with partners in Africa who are in close contact with vulnerable communities. They help us find communities and children in need.

Can I reach out to my sponsored child?

Absolutely you can. We believe the relationship between a sponsor and their child is essential. If you wish to write your child a letter, you can send it to our office in Lethbridge, AB, or send them an email directly. Sponsors can also give small gifts, which, due to shipping costs, must be able to fit inside a 5 ¾" X 8 ¾" envelope.

Can I speak to a real person about sponsorship?

We would love to talk with you about how your support can change a life. Simply give us a call at 877-460-6036 or send us an email at and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have.