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Who do we help?

Orphanages Health Clinics Trauma Counseling
Churches Youth Centers Charities
Foundations Missionaries Fundraisers
Schools Aid Organizations Environmental Causes
Youth Initiatives Water Projects Micro Loans
Construction Projects Outreach Programs Education Programs
Food Bank Homeless Outreach Inner City Initiative


Reduced Admin Costs
Payroll & Benefits
Donations & Receipting

Focus on your cause, not the complexities that come with it. Proudly standing on the shoulders of giants!

Project Staff
Years of Experience
Active Projects

We are all connected.

As the African Philosophy of Ubuntu teaches us, “A single straw of a broom can be broken easily, but the straws together are not easily broken.”

Leadership Development
Online Campaigns
Marketing Coaching
Fundraising Training
Government Compliance
Donations & Receipting
Bookkeeping & Accounting
Together, we go further.

When you join our circle partnership programs you become family. We have a network of over 100 partner projects operating in 28 countries working towards making the world a better place.


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