Our Projects

Our network is a strategic convergence of agencies, charities, foundations & ministries. Our mutual support enables us to all further our goals.

Health Care Projects

Amuka Twende Uganda

Amuka Twende Uganda is a project of a medical clinic and resources in the town of Busia in…

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Fed and Safe Humans (Friesen Care Foundation)

Health is our most valuable asset.  With good health we can engage in our favorite activities, we can…

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Hands Up for Haiti

Committed to improving the quality and sustainability of health care in northern Haiti. A medical humanitarian organization committed…

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Lifeline Haiti

Working alongside the people of Haiti to provide the means to better their own communities. Lifeline Haiti is…

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Moose Jaw Medical Mission

Mission to Patzun, Guatemala working with Clinica Corpus Christi which is a small hospital and orphanage. We want…

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Saaba Widows Business Association

Saaba Widows Business Association (SWBA) in Burkina Faso, West Africa gathers widows and their children together for mutual…

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Trueness Mission

We are working to help the community of Pajok, South Sudan by building roads and creating opportunities for…

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