Hand-in-Hand / Main dans la main

A charitable organization designed to empower African women and girls to become leaders.

Our Vision: 

Hand-in-Hand for African Women \ Main dans la Main is a charitable organization designed to empower African women and girls to continue to expand their leadership and entrepreneurial skills in their communities. Our vision is to create sustainable support to enhance the possibilities for African women to become self-reliant. We share the vision of our partner, Bridges of Hope, who believe the noblest act of charity is to ‘give people an opportunity to survive, thrive and in turn, guide others to the same, with dignity and purpose’. 

We are committed to:

    ·  equity, equal access to abundance, particularly, those in greatest need. 

    .  empower African women and girls to find their voice in their communities

    . raise awareness about social justice, solidarity and reciprocity in the global community. 

 We are Hope Whisperers committed to transform the lives of many African women and children in the years to come. We invite you to join us in spreading hope, love and compassion to African women. 

Your donations will be contributing to the realizations of the following projects in their initial phases: 

    . A hatchery and poultry farm in Western Kenya 

    . Solar power equipment to reactivate a water well in Kenya (Massai Mara in Kenya

    . Income generating farming project:  Purchase of land to plant vegetables and fruit trees to feed children in an orphanage (Togo)

Note: If you wish your donation to support a specific project, kindly indicate it in the comment box.