Hand-in-Hand / Main dans la main

Money is like water. Money flows through all our lives, sometimes like a rushing river, and sometimes like a trickle. When it is flowing, it can purify, cleanse, create growth and nourish. But when it is blocked or held too long, it can grow stagnant and toxic to those withholding or hoarding it. “                   

Lynn Twist 

Thanks to your generous moral and financial support, we are celebrating the anniversary of our second year with changes to each of the communities with whom we work. . Hand-in-Hand with African Women does not believe charity works when it creates dependency.  So, we chose to unleash the power of opportunity to transform lives. Your donation will support vulnerable children and African women entrepreneurs who continue to pursue their effort to create sustainable structures to become more self-reliant.  As a wise Buddhist so succinctly expressed it, ‘This is not charity: it is an investment in humanity.’ 

In December of 2021  we had a hugely successful fundraiser and were able to fund the Hatchery building for Sister Agnes and the children in Western Kenya. In the spring of 2022 we funded the rest of the equipment and utilities needed for the Hatchery to become operational.  Sister Agnes and her team are currently raising chicks and have sold some broilers and are currently watching chickens lay eggs which will be used to increase the size of the flock and eventually eggs will be sold to local schools and hotels to raise funds for children’s education.

In the spring of 2021  we raised money for Mama Charity in Togo, to purchase farmland to plant trees and vegetables to feed the 120 orphans under her roof.  Part of the money raised was used to start a school to educate relocated children from Lome just across the border  in Ghana.  The school doubled its’ students at the start of the fall 2022.  This leaves a need for funding to pay additional teachers and build additional benches and tables for the children.  Money is needed to develop water solutions at the farmland so Mama Charity can maximize the trees and crops she can grow there.

In October 2021, we held our first Global Walk to raise awareness of the unacceptable challenges faced by people who have very little water..   Mama Dinah’s community of Oloonkerine in the Maasai Mara area of Kenya has struggled through the severe drought earlier in 2022, losing over half their livestock (losing 103 cows out of 183) due to lack of food and water. We raised enough money to help support the drilling of a new bore hole for the community in October 2022 and the community is overjoyed to see the fresh water that will be available to them once they have a solar powered pump and water storage tanks and a gravel pack filtration system to filter out the saline/alkalinity from the water.  Until the pump and storage tanks are installed, the women will continue to carry 20 liter containers for several kilometers to a stagnant water dugout used by livestock as well as households. This project will impact up to 3,000 people in the Oloonkerine community.

All donations are  now going towards finding water solutions for Mama Dinah’s community. Mama Dinah is getting quotes for solar powered pumps, water storage tanks and the piping needed to transport the water to the storage tanks.  Eventually the community would like to build a distribution pipeline to allow different areas of the community to get water closer to their bomas.  

For those who have been wanting to support more education projects, we have a specific landing page link for donations for Mama Charity’s school in Ghana to support the education of children who would not be attending school without this support:  Hand-in-Hand Education Program