Hand – in – Hand Education Program

“A quality education has the power to transform societies in a single generation, provide children with the protection they need from the hazards of poverty, labour exploitation and disease and give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to reach their full potential.”  Audrey Hepburn

Hand-in-Hand with African Women has 3 communities with whom we are working currently.  We have two projects in Kenya and one in Togo.  All of our local community project leaders have recognized a need for greater educational opportunities for children.

Mama Charity runs an Orphanage with about 120 children in Lome Togo. The orphanage has its’ own school.  In addition, Mama Charity with some support from Hand-in-Hand built a school in nearby Ghana on some property she owned just across the border from  Lome.  She saw many families unable to afford to live in Lome, move across the border into Ghana where housing was more affordable.  These are French speaking families as French is the language used in Togo.    The children were now in Ghana where French is not used.  Recognizing that these children needed to continue with their learning and heritage, Mama Charity decided to build an International School with the intention to eventually service children from kindergarten through vocational studies.  

Many families cannot afford to send their children to school and Mama Charity accepts them regardless of ability to pay as she believes every child deserves a quality education. Some children come to school with no funds for uniforms, tuition or even food.  The fall of 2021 is when the school opened with a limited number of grades (Kindergarten through grade 5, primary school grades) About 100 additional children were admitted to the school in the fall of 2022 and Mama Charity also added the first two grades of secondary level, which is comparable to grades 6 and 7.  She intends to add a new grade each year until she has kindergarten through high school.  She then hopes to have funds to build and run a post high school vocational school.

A school growing in this way has many needs for tuition for students whose family cannot afford to send children to school, benches and tables for the students to sit and work at, school supplies and books, and most importantly teachers. It costs 1000 Euros/month for teachers alone.

A gift for the educational fund is a gift that keeps on giving and keeps making a difference for generations to come.   Mama Charity will be accountable to provide invoices for funds and how the money was put to use for the most urgent needs.  As with our other Hand-in-Hand projects, we will be working together with Bridges of Hope to manage this project.

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