Hand-in Hand Global Walk for Water Registration and Sponsorship

Welcome to the Hand-in-Hand Global Walk for Water , to be held between October 9 – 16, 2021, in the spirit of gratitude on this Thanksgiving Week in Canada.



This Hand-in-Hand fundraising event will weave relationships all over the world, all committed to one single action – to empower women through one action taken by each individual participating in the Global Walk for Water.  Women around the globe will walk, in their neighborhoods or in sacred places of their choice, in solidarity with African women to raise awareness of  the lack of clean water in many communities in the world.  The three African women on our Hand-in-Hand with African Women team, will also walk with us, in their respective communities. 

At this time, Mama Dinah, one of our Project managers of Hand-in-Hand with African Women, in the Massai Mara in Kenya, shares this with us ‘’ At this time, there is not one green blade of grass to be seen in our community.’’  They are experiencing drought and this, not for the first time. Their livestock must be brought 6 days -walk away from their home, to graze.  They are presently cutting branches from bushes to feed the cattle.  The women are fetching water in their 20- liter containers, they carry on their backs.  They must walk from 3-5 km to reach these ponds of stagnant water. 

Your contributions will support the drilling of a well in the Olookerin community, in the Massai Mara in Kenya. Together, let us imagine water flowing from a borehole, pipelined in three directions, to impact up to 3,000 people and their livestock. Thank you for your participation as a walker, or as a sponsor for a walker!  You may also simply want to donate, to end the challenges Massai women face every day. 

We can be part of the solution!  Here is a golden opportunity to transform lives in Africa!

Welcome to our Global Walk for Water