W4L Food for Children

Meals for orphaned and malnourished children in Burkina Faso.

Every day families struggle to feed themselves and many go without any food at all. A third of childhood deaths in developing countries is attributed to malnutrition.

When one child gets one meal per day, they are able to go to school and learn what they need to be able to grow up with the potential to break this cycle and support their families. Bridges of Hope makes meals for orphaned and malnourished children in Burkina Faso.

For 27 cents per day, you can feed one child in Burkina Faso.

For $27 we can feed 100 children. Bridges of Hope is hoping to feed 1.5 million in the next several months.

1 in 4 children in Burkina Faso, West Africa suffer from malnutrition. Bridge’s of Hope’s Centre for Rehabilitation Education & Nutrition(CREN) provides suffering children with appropriate treatment and follow-up, and provides mothers with essential education focused on malnutrition and other common illnesses.

It costs $50 to treat and save the life of a severely malnourished child.

How many children will you feed?