Hope For Eternity Ministry

URGENT! Help is needed to save malnourished refugee orphans in Kyaka II settlement in Uganda.

The HEM Refugee Total Orphan fund-raising initiative aims specifically to help orphan children of five years or less  whose mothers have died or who have had to abandon them. Now with Covid 19, things are even worse. The lock down in Uganda means many of the children are malnourished, and in other cases badly need medicines.  Your donation will provide for those needs, as well as shelter with a caregiver, clothing, and footwear, to a refugee orphan. 

If you make a regular monthly contribution of $100 or more, we intend to invite you on a quarterly basis to come live via Zoom to Uganda to see and to talk with the HEM people who are caring for these orphans in the Kyaka II settlement.  You will see and hear first-hand the good things your donor funding is supporting.  We will also answer any questions you might wish to ask. We can only do this for a limited number of donors, and on a one-year trial basis. This will be on a first come – first in basis, so please make your donations today.

Friends, please take this opportunity to give whatever amount you can.  We will you quarterly updates, complete with pictures via email, so you can see the good work your donations are helping to support.  If you are from Canada or the USA, you will also receive a tax receipt for eligible donations of $25 or more.

Thank you for your kindness!

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