W4L Microloans

Microloans provide hope to hungry and vulnerable people.

Microloans are small loans given to individuals and groups to start and grow a business. These loans provide hope to hungry and vulnerable people. Most microloans are provided to women in a co-operative and can free families from poverty in one to two generations. 88% of microloans are provided to people below the poverty line of $1 per day.

We know how to profoundly impact the way people live, right now. We believe in a world where every person gets a job or grows business and we will continue to fight till that happens. Business is the only sustainable solution to poverty relief and community empowerment.

Dreams are universal, opportunities are not. You can help people around the world create opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities.

Did you know for every one person who receives a microloan, there is a positive impact to 15 others.

Individual start-up: $60.00

Cooperative of six people: $360

Cooperative support for one year: $1080

Complete Microloan sponsorship with interest providing a lifetime child sponsorship: $3000