Ogan – Olu Wellness Project

The purpose of the Ogan – Olu Wellness Project is to improve students’ and educators’ well-being and educational experience.

To get this project off the ground we have asked Oluwagbohunmi Awosoga (Olu) to reach out to other well-meaning people in his circle of influence to support this great cause. We realize raised funds may not meet all the needs. However, we know that every bit of assistance will make a difference in the daily educational experience of individuals in these educational institutions.

Olu visited Nigeria last year and had the opportunity to visit his former primary school. The condition, which he found, was very disheartening. As he looked forward to his 60th birthday, he came up with the idea of requesting well wishers to translate their birthday gifts into financial donations to support these schools. Funds donated will go toward infrastructure renovations in these schools, with the provision of computerized library facilities to each of these schools if there is sufficient funds.

Thank you for your contribution to this great cause!