Balenga Leadership Education Foundation

The world in general and Africa in particular, suffers of mediocrity due to lack of qualified and quality leaders. Right and knowledgeable leaders build a better world. Trained and equipped leaders make communities better. Balenga, in the Kifuliiru language means winning; it means victory. Balenga Leadership Education Foundation, based on the meaning of the name Balenga is about training victorious leaders; leaders who win with their communities. Balenga Leadership Education Foundation is about community victory and community winning together.

Balenga Leadership Education Foundation is an organization that seeks to train leaders throughout the world and in particular African leaders. The goal of BLEF is to equip and empower leaders to be effective in their leadership to build a better society for everyone.

Charles Balenga, the founder and leader of Balenga Leadership Education Foundation, is an author of several books: ‘31 Essential Principles of Leadership’, ‘Africa, It’s Time!’, ‘Love Is the Answer’ and ‘Love Is the Key to Success’. He has also contributed article 18TH in the COMPEDIUM: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN AFRICAN MISSION. Charles has spoken to many audiences and provided training to many leaders. He is building a Balenga Leadership Education Centre in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo where he and many other leaders from around the world will be training leaders, especially African leaders who will be equipped to build a better Africa.

Please join us in support for the building of a better world and in particular a better Africa through Balenga Leadership Education Foundation. Thank you for supporting Balenga Leadership Education Foundation, a project of Bridges of Hope International.