You can write to your child

Your sponsored child delights in receiving mail from you. Simply write a letter and send it to our office in Lethbridge, AB. We will process and deliver your letter to your child. Here are some ideas to get you started: introduce your family and include a photo; write about your hobbies, interests, schooling, or job; describe a favourite holiday or season or sport; send encouraging words. Please do not include your last name or address in your letter, or on letterhead. It is also important to be culturally sensitive when connecting with your child.

Your child will write to you

You will receive correspondence from your sponsored child between one and two times per year, including an Annual Progress Report and updated photo. Please note that some of our sponsored children live in very remote places so we can experience delays in mail or email deliveries. We will do our best to have correspondence between you and your sponsored child delivered in a timely manner.

Special Occasions


A small gift will bring joy to your sponsored child. The following items are suitable to include with your letter: photos, coloring sheets, postcards, etc. The items must fit into an envelope, 5 ¾" X 8 ¾" or smaller. Because we want to create an equitable and positive relationship between children and, also to be cost effective, we will no longer accept larger gifts for sponsored children. Although financial gifts cannot be directed to your child, we welcome donations above and beyond your regular sponsorship donations to our sponsorship program. These additional funds will be used for things like the sponsored children's summer camps, sponsored children's secondary school fees (which are much higher than primary school fees), and temporary support for a child who has been dropped by his or her sponsor and is waiting for a new sponsor.


Christmas is a special season and to help you celebrate with your child, we will send a letter or card to you for your child that you can complete and return to our office in time for deliver at Christmas. Due to the high cost of shipping we are only able to accept small gifts for mailing.  Financial gifts cannot be directed to your child, however we invite you to take part in our Christmas campaign by making a purchase for your sponsor child from our Gift Catalogue.  Alternatively you may choose to make a donation of $5 per child which would allow our in-country coordinators to purchase a gift for each child in their own country.  Not only will the children be blessed but purchasing in-country boosts their economy.  Either choice will contribute to the health and well-being of many people living in your child's community.  As well, our in-country directors provide a special celebration for Christmas for our sponsored children.


If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday, we suggest that you purchase a birthday card, sign it, and send it to our administrative office in Lethbridge. We will forward your greeting card to your child. If your child does not have a specific birth date, you might consider sending a birthday card at the same time each year.

Visiting your Child

Bridges of Hope can assist you in making arrangements to visit your sponsored child through our Global Connection Experience trips. This may be the greatest opportunity to experience their culture and to see, touch and behold how your sponsorship is transforming the life of your sponsored child and their community. A staff from your child's country will assist by accompanying you on your visit. We require three to six months notice to facilitate a visit with your child. Please see your doctor about immunizations and other travel related health issues.

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